Our current members come from a total of 41 countries.

East Asia

File:Flag of China.png - Wikimedia Commons

People's Republic of China

File:Flag of Hong Kong.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Hong Kong SAR

File:Flag of Japan (bordered).svg - Wikimedia Commons


Flag of Mongolia | Free SVG


Flag of the Republic of China - Wikipedia

Republic of China

File:Flag of South Korea.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Republic of Korea

Southeast Asia

File:Flag of Thailand.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Kingdom of Thailand

File:Flag of Malaysia (3-2).svg - Wikimedia Commons


Flag of the Philippines - Wikipedia

Republic of the Philippines

File:National Flag of Singapore.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Republic of Singapore

File:Flag of Vietnam.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

West Asia

File:National Flag of Georgia.jpg - Wikimedia Commons


File:Flag of Jordan.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

File:Flag of Iran.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Islamic Republic of Iran

File:Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

File:Flag of Syria.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Syrian Arab Republic

South Asia

File:Pakistan flag 300.png - Wikimedia Commons

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

File:India-flag-a4.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Republic of India

Central Asia

File:Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Kyrgyz Republic

File:Flag of Kazakhstan.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Republic of Kazakhstan

File:Flag of Tajikistan (3-2).svg - Wikimedia Commons

Republic of Tajikistan

Flag of Turkmenistan - Wikipedia

Republic of Turkmenistan

File:Flag of Uzbekistan.svg - Wikipedia

Republic of Uzbekistan


File:Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina (3-2).svg - Wikimedia Commons

Bosnia and Herzegovina

File:Flag of Poland (3-2).svg - Wikimedia Commons

Commonwealth of Poland

File:Flag of Sweden (3-2).svg - Wikimedia Commons

Kingdom of Sweden

File:Flag of Estonia (3-2).svg - Wikimedia Commons

Republic of Estonia

File:Flag of Finland (3-2).svg - Wikimedia Commons

Republic of Finland

Flag of Moldova - Wikipedia

Republic of Moldova

File:Flag of North Macedonia.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Republic of North Macedonia

File:Flag of Serbia.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Republic of Serbia

File talk:Flag of Slovenia.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Republic of Slovenia

Flag of Ukraine - Wikipedia



File:Flag of Egypt.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Arab Republic of Egypt

Flag of Nigeria - Wikipedia

Federal Republic of Nigeria

File:Flag of Lesotho.svg - Wikipedia

Kingdom of Lesotho

File:Flag of Côte d'Ivoire.svg - Wikipedia

Republic of Côte d'Ivoire

Flag of Kenya - Wikipedia

Republic of Kenya

File:Flag of Tunisia.svg - Wikipedia

Republic of Tunisia

File:Flag of Uganda.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Republic of Uganda

North America

File:Flag of the Dominican Republic (ratio 5 to 8).svg - Wikimedia ...

Dominican Republic